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Vinyl-sounds-better, vinyl sounds better" yes, it sounds better than mp3 but mp3 is the worst file format you can have. there's flac and wav that are easier to get for most music than you might think and they sound better than vinyl.. By clint holley, well made music it has become clear in the past five years that consumers love vinyl records. the artwork, the lyrics and personal interaction are all reasons that this once “dead” format has catapulted back into the mainstream consciousness, but when asked, most people would respond that the biggest reason they love vinyl is the sound., much of whether cd or vinyl sounds better will relate to your system, the quality of your source and personal preference, but there’s reason there remains space and demand for both to exist in this era of ever improving streaming services and hi-res downloads..

Vinyl is back, no doubt about it. sales of vinyl records have been soaring, although they still represent only a tiny fraction of the music industry's revenues: about 2 percent in 2014. is this ..., why vinyl sounds better than cd, or not according to rolling stone magazine, sales of vinyl albums continue to grow, setting a new record in 2010. does vinyl reproduce sound better, or is it just ....

In this video you can hear the real difference between a cd and a vinyl. for doing this test, i recorded the same song three times, with this gear: creative x-fi elite pro sound card, at 24 bits ..., all my evidence is anecdotal, but i'm continually surprised by how little people who are under 30 understand about the nature of sound. as consumer electronics have done a better job keeping the .... "vinyl is the only consumer playback format we have that's fully analog and fully lossless," gonsalves said. "you just need a decent turntable with a decent needle on it and you're going to enjoy ..., ahhh vinyl. the analog format stokes the passions of many music lovers, and it’s an enjoyable experience. but is it better than digital music? that question depends entirely who you ask. if you ask me, it’s just like trying to figure out how you want your pizza: as long as you’re using quality ingredients, you’re not going to be disappointed with your meal.