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Vinyl-siding-vs-hardie-plank, home builder, author, and vinyl siding institute consultant fernando page ruiz talks about why he thinks vinyl siding is a better choice than fiber cement.. In all areas except for cost, hardieplank brand and other high-quality fiber-cement siding boards are the clear winners over vinyl siding. but as with so many things home-related, it's those numbers preceded by the dollar sign that can quickly pivot your decision in a different direction., homeadvisor's siding comparison guide explores the differences, pros, and cons of fiber cement and vinyl, including information on james hardie's hardie board/ hardiplank fiber cement. compare costs, easy of installation, colors, painting options, durability, thickness, r value, length of life and more to decide which is the best siding for your home..

Thinking about building or remodeling with hardiplank? much of what you hear - especially if it comes from the makers of hardiplank - is misleading, or simply not true. at the vinyl siding ..., get everything you need to know about your siding options as we take a look into lp smartside vs. hardie vs. insulated vinyl siding.. When it comes to housing exteriors, there are two popular synthetic options: vinyl siding and hardie board. vinyl siding was introduced in the 1960s, quickly becoming an attractive alternative to aluminum siding., for the last 3-4 years i have done a water bucket challenge with my 3 kids with different siding materials. we simply placed some different siding types in a half full bucket and waited, and waited for the results. well, in the last 4 years california went through a severe drought into a very wet winter, ... read more james hardie fiber cement vs lp smartside vs insulated vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding. introduced in the 1960s as an alternative to aluminum siding, vinyl siding has since become quite popular. made from polyvinyl chloride, or pvc, it is an extremely long lasting and durable material that can be made to match the style of most homes., vinyl siding vs. fiber cement: which is right for your home? choosing the right siding material for your home is a decision that's based on many factors, from good looks to cost..

Fiber cement siding vs. vinyl siding. june 05, 2017. everyone wants a beautiful home. unfortunately, getting one takes more than a simple snap of the fingers. roofing needs to be installed, coats of paint need to be applied, and perhaps most importantly, attractive and durable siding needs to be chosen.