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Awning-repair-singapore, replace or repair awnings in singapore awnings originated from europe. they are sheets of canvas or any other material which has being stretched on a frame. awnings are used to keep the rain off windows, deck, store front or doorway. awnings are therefore used as shelters against adverse weather conditions.. Awning is an ideal choice to allow your loved ones to enjoy the warmth without getting sunburn. the harmful ultra-violet rays can severely damage and fade your interior furnishing, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring. by installing retractable awning, you can protect prolong their lifespan., awnings singapore. le fong offers installation services for awning, canopies and metal roofs for your everyday use. each of them are used for different purposes and we can recommend a suitable kind of overhead covers if you let us know what functions your overhead cover should do..

Elite deco provides a wide range of reliable awning services in singapore. we offer the same attention to details, personalised service and reasonable pricing to all our clients., we specialize in canopy, retractable, polycarbonate and other types of awning in singapore. awesome service and quality. contact us for a free quote now!.

Metal awning. design your awning is your one-stop resource for stylish, elegant awnings that are custom-designed and delivered right to your door. we build on your imagination – offering a range of classic styles to choose from, with the option of adding your own special touch by incorporating your ideas into our designs., shopping for awnings, sunshades, and blinds. shopping for the right roofing, awnings, blinds and canopies in singapore can be a daunting task. they need to be made of the right material for durability, as well as serve the aesthetic purpose, so that they compliment or accentuate the main building and decor..

Alco sunshade as an industry leader in the sunshade industry, specialises in quality shades at affordable prices. with over 10 years of extensive experience in the awning and canopy industry, we continue to offer high quality services and best in affordable products and services to all singapore customers., enjoy the option of either enjoying the sunlight or stay cool in the shade with century awning premium retractable awnings.. Retractable awning in singapore by elite deco. control the amount of shade you get with a retractable awning. extend and retract your awning with the turn of a handle (manual) or push of button (remote-controlled). your awning can be extended fully, partially, or retracted depending on the amount of shade you need or how much sun you want.